Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

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Have you spent years and years (and years!) trying different assortments of products in the struggle to find the right natural skincare regimen that works? Does every new product in your bathroom seem to take you one step forward but two steps back? Does your trip to the skincare aisle leave you questioning why rather than feeling like a satisfied customer?

Trust us - we’ve been there.

After spending several years in our search (particularly during pregnancy) for the ultimate chemical-free answer to heal our changing skin, we finally noticed the same pattern emerging—a promising brand showed us early results but then slowly regressed back to not resolving our initial problems. Our frustrations deepened as we realized that every single brand we tried had the same tired repetitions.

At that point, we made one of the most important decisions in our professional careers-we were going to create our own skincare products & routines. We were determined to crack the code to bring that knowledge to our spa clients.

The Birth of TOMA

Beginning in 2012, we spent months collaborating with global experts to learn and understand every single part of the holistic skincare industry. We dug into the science, surveyed customers, and experimented with our own anti-aging routines.

We quickly came to a crucial realization, an awareness that we based our entire company and built our entire brand upon-simplicity is essential.

Time and time again, we found the most consistent way to improve our clients’ skin was to simplify their routine and stop overthinking it. After years of trying formulations with sophisticated pH tests, advanced skincare ingredients, professional analysts, and complex studies, we still had clients repeatedly switching back to a simple routine of cleansers and oils. And what’s more, their skin seemed to prefer it, revealing noticeable improvement in their skin tone and quality. We watched and, finally, we learned. 

With that realization, TOMA Essential Skin Therapy was born. We were so fed up with traditional skincare yet so amazed by the results our clients were having with their simplified natural skincare routines, we decided we didn’t want to produce yet another skincare line. Instead, we formulated a new skin therapy program.

TOMA Essential Skin Therapy is simple, it’s based on natural treatments. We use whole, naturally derived ingredients and nothing synthetic, then combine them into the purest formulations possible for skincare that actually heals your skin.  

What Sets TOMA Apart?

Many brands offer clean ingredients as their selling point. Our chemical-free products are not only clean and natural, but we don't have hormonal disrupting preservatives like many organic lines. That means we don't use preservatives such as phenoxyethanol. Creating radiant skin without chemicals or harsh products is what puts TOMA in a class of its own.

All of TOMA’s skincare routines are focused solely on a critical component for great skin and a bright, smooth complexion-essential oils.

Skin quality and tone is balanced and enhanced by understanding the skin’s natural chemistry. With our focus on rebalancing the face’s natural oils, we have had great success helping our clients rediscover the flawless, healthy skin they were born with, in simplicity.

TOMA Essential Skincare focuses on the scientific blending and delivery of essential oils, and provides the precise science to make the oils actively benefit the skin. We understand it better than anyone else!

The TOMA Method

Our method starts with our Toma Essential System. It’s centered around our core value of simplicity in skincare.

The entire routine is as follows:

  • TOMA Cleanser: apply a small amount to remove makeup, debris, and toxins;
  • Replenishing Mist: a few sprays to set and balance the skin;
  • Bioactive Regenerating Oil: a tiny dose soothes the skin and rejuvenates cells for healthy cell turnover;
  • Exfoliating Cleanser: Two to three times per week, swap your cleanser for this to help with cellular turnover.

That’s it! No 12-step process, advanced skin tests, crazy masks, time-based routines, or surgical procedures. The TOMA Essential System is the simplest skincare routine you’ll ever need. And it works!

TOMA Essential Skin Care also offers additional enhancements that you can add to your customized regimen to address additional skin needs. The basic pattern is all you need to get back to healthy skin. We stand by the same lessons we've learned over the past seven years—the key to flawless skin is simplicity and holistic ingredients.

Are You Ready for Radiant Skin?

Since we first envisioned our mission to deliver flawless skin, we’ve grown the TOMA holistic brand into a global movement. We are blown away by the success our clients have with these simple products. That's why we are so excited to bring them to you with our TOMA Essential System.

Have you been:

  • Struggling with your skincare for years?
  • Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in search of the best chemical-free skincare?
  • Disappointed with every product you've ever tried?

It’s time to get back to the basics. Let the TOMA’s Essential System simplify your skincare and simplify your life.




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