The Energetic Wheel of Holistic Health

At TOMA, we believe that beauty is an inside job. Inspired by the central tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Energetic Wheel of Holistic Health is made up of five essential pillars that help you achieve balanced qi, or energy, which leads to radiance, vitality and a life well lived.


We believe in supportive skincare that gives our skin extra nourishment to help it thrive. We start with high quality, organic and wild harvested botanical oils, butters, hydrosols and extracts. Then we infuse traditional Chinese herbs to deliver therapeutic, skin-balancing benefits to work their ancient magic.


Our lifestyle passions at TOMA are simple: proper eating practices and proper sleep, spending time in nature, meditation, movement, oxygenation, gua sha and reducing the toxic load on your system. Gentle, regular detoxification is vital. The good news: your body naturally detoxifies itself, all you need to do is support the process.


In our modern world, we often forget about food’s transformative power and make hasty, moment-by-moment choices about what to eat. TOMA’s mission is to support your body’s innate detoxifying, healing and harmonizing abilities so you can enjoy vitality, longevity and radiance. Food is an integral part of your beauty journey.


As trained acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and holistic health experts, we are inspired by the wellness philosophy of Yang Sheng - meaning ‘to nurture life’. TCM invites a journey toward wholeness where the mind, body and spirit are in harmony, and prevention is the cure. From the practice of acupuncture to the art of herbalism, we honor the ancient wisdom that breathes life into our modern brand.


At TOMA, we believe that everything in nature has inherent value. Our passion is to deliver nature’s purity, potency and transformative properties through our formulas, without harm. Our commitment includes oversight at every critical point–including fair labor, ingredient transparency, a cruelty-free promise, and planet-kind packaging.

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