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We Believe

That skin health is the surface reflection of complete well-being. Inspired by our training in Five Element Acupuncture, the Energetic Wheel of Holistic Health includes five interconnected practices that help us nurture the mind, body and spirit for a radiant life. 

Green Routine

Return to what nature provides

We believe that when we see ourselves as part of nature, we choose products that align with what our bodies crave and deserve. By relying on whole, organic and natural ingredients throughout our lifestyle practices–from our cleaning products to our skincare products–we unburden our body from hormone disruptors and toxins that disturb our natural balance. 

daily habits

Treat yourself well everyday

We believe that prevention is the cure. The body naturally detoxifies itself with wisdom perfected over millennia of evolution. All we need to do is support the process with daily practices that keep us well: nourishing food, healthy relationships, restful sleep, time in nature, quiet meditation, and movement all reduce the toxic load on our system so that our bodies can heal themselves.


Let food be the foundation

We believe that food has the transformative power to heal–revealing the skin’s natural radiance with every nutrient and antioxidant we digest. But in today’s rushed world, what we eat is often last on our list of priorities. By returning our attention to healthy food, we can take pleasure in eating and enjoy vitality for years to come. 

holistic balance

Nourish mind and spirit

We believe that our thoughts, our beliefs and the words we speak have a direct effect on how we feel. Inspired by the ancient wellness philosophy of Yang Sheng,  meaning ‘to nurture life’, we can cultivate a journey toward wholeness where the mind, body and spirit are in harmony through energy work, mindfulness, and tender care for our emotional experience. 

conscious action

Do no harm

We believe that our creed as healers is to do no harm. This commitment holds true in everything we do–from inserting needles in our work as acupuncturists to choosing ingredients in our work as formulators. It’s a philosophy that we can all embody in our lives: being careful to use our energy in ways that are thoughtful and restorative–rather than thoughtless and destructive–to people, animals and the planet.