Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We believe in using whole and nourishing ingredients from nature. Our products are never tested on animals and contain no animal byproducts and most ingredient are traceable back to the farms or regions from which they grow.

Your skincare should always be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Be sure to replace the caps on your skincare and secure tightly after using to keep your products fresh for as long as possible. 

We use natural, effective preservatives that prevent bacteria and mold growth. TOMA products are ideal when used within 6 months of opening. 

We started looking for clean skincare in 2006 when we were both pregnant. When we couldn’t find a brand that we love (effective and safe), we decided to create our own. TOMA products are powered by natural botanicals and made without common pregnancy no-nos like retinol, parabens, and salicylic acid. However, every pregnancy and every person is different—please discuss your skincare routine with your physician or healthcare provider. 

Our Exfoliating Cleanser is formulated with fruit enzymes to effectively unclog pore and smooth skin and prep the skin for facial oils, serums, and moisturizers. To use the cleanser, simply swap with your regular TOMA cleanser 2-3 times per week. If you have congested skin, leave the cleanser on like a mask for 5-10 minutes, massage it in circular motions to enhance exfoliation, then rinse to remove. 

Like a toner, the benefit of using the Replenishing Mist is to prep your skin for serums, facial oils and moisturizers. By saturating the skin in moisture, the mist helps your skin absorb more of the beneficial ingredients inside your subsequent skincare steps. 

Designed to address specific skincare concerns, our Enhancements can be added into your 4-step essential routine to target certain conditions and rebalance the skin during particular times of imbalance. 

Cleanse first, then prep your skin with our Replenishing Mist. Apply serums while skin is still slightly damp, then follow with our Bioactive Regenerating Oil. If additional hydration is needed, finish your routine with the Tonifying Protective Lotion or Sensing Repair Cream.

Our Bioactive Regenerating Oil (BRO) includes the most effective, universal lipids to balance, clear, illuminate and deeply nourish the skin. Rather than making oily and acne-prone skin worse, BRO can actually help balance your skin’s natural oil production to prevent future breakouts. Plus, the plant nutrients in BRO support your skin’s natural healing process so you bounce back from breakouts faster. 

Skin regenerates on a roughly 28-day cycle, so you should wait at least 4 weeks before you expect to see any changes. Most skincare experts recommend using products consistently for 8-12 weeks before judging the results. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is a healing modality that has been practiced for thousands of years to balance the body’s qi or life force. TCM encompasses a range of practices including energy work, acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, cupping, and more. Our founders, Tori and Marla, are licensed acupuncturists trained in the philosophy of TCM. Our formulas are infused with botanicals traditionally used to balance qi and awaken skin health. Beyond our formulas, TCM informs our understanding of beauty and wellness— including the lifestyle practices that we recommend as part of a whole-body approach to health. 

We believe that everything in nature has inherent value. Our passion is to deliver nature’s purity, potency and transformative properties through our formulas without causing harm. That means using packaging that comes from renewable resources, choosing ingredients that are responsibly sourced, and manufacturing our products with environmentally friendly processes. 

As a valued member of our community, you have the right to know what you are putting on your body, who you are supporting with your purchase, and how our products contribute to the common good. 

Thyroid irregularities, digestive tract issues, menstrual cycle disturbances, acne, psoriasis, rosacea: the list of hormone-associated ailments is as long as the list of disruptors that can cause them. TOMA goes beyond the standard “free of” list by promising that our formulas are 100% free of hormone-disrupting ingredients and their byproducts, including parabens, synthetic fragrances, GMOs and phthalates.