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TOMA is supportive, bioadaptive skincare formulated with organic and wild harvested botanical oils, butters, hydrosols and extracts, and potent infusions of traditional Chinese herbs. Discover our best selling skincare.

The Energetic Wheel
of Holistic Health

Inspired by the central tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Energetic Wheel of Holistic Health is made up of five essential pillars that help you achieve what the ancients called balanced qi, which leads to radiance, vitality and a life well lived.

at Home

Originally offered only to professionals, TOMA founders Tori and Marla have adapted this proprietary technique embracing a holistic approach to healing skincare for you to use at home. AcuGlow At Home delivers the benefits of blending Chinese medicine with holistic skincare–allowing you to travel the meridians of your skin, healing and balancing along the way.

Meet the

“Beauty is a personal journey for us, as it is for you.”

Meet Tori and Marla, the yin and yang of TOMA, classically trained acupuncturists and holistic health practitioners who passionately apply their decades of training to the science of your skin.

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