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Clean Skincare

We took years of holistic wellness knowledge to obsessively source the finest, cleanest, natural ingredients for each of our active, botanically derived products.

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Your Skincare
Regime, De-Cluttered

We get it - figuring out a skincare routine can be overwhelming. Our Essentials System was created so that you can feel confident that you're giving your skin what it needs daily with just 4 simple-to-use products.

The Essential System

The Beautifying Power of Facial Gua Sha

Tap into your skin's wisdom to reveal a radiant and toned complexion with our Facial Sculpting System. Our bian stone gua sha tool is perfectly paired with our deeply nourishing Sculpting Treatment Oil for an at-home ritual.

Facial Sculpting System

Honestly Clean, Transformative Wellness for Your Skin

At TOMA, we're on a mission to make skincare safer, more ethical and completely transparent. We believe skincare should be trustworthy, uncomplicated and easy to understand. We hope TOMA not only delivers clean, efficacious and easy to use products, but also educates you on how to form a deeper connection with your skin and body.

Toxin Free

Cruelty Free

No Hormone

100% Vegan

Inspired by You,
Created by Experts

Collectively, our co-founders have spent over 30 years in the holistic wellness industry. As trained acupuncturists and spa owners, they've treated thousands of clients on a variety of skin and health issues.

Introducing AcuGlowTM
for Professionals

Receive hands-on, professional training and learn a proprietary facial cupping and gua sha technique with our new AcuGlowTM program for both licensed acupuncturists and estheticians.


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