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The concept of a skincare line was birthed when we, Tori (TO) and Marla (MA), were pregnant and frustrated with the toxic ingredients in everyday skincare products, even those in natural and organic markets. In our search for clean and effective skincare, we found no one line had it all and decided to formulate simple and highly effective botanically based products. In collaboration with global experts in essential oils and product formulation, we created TOMA Essential Skin Therapy in 2012 to offer unmatched, powerfully effective formulations using the finest, naturally derived and cleanest ingredients. After years of proven results for thousands of customers, we are excited to introduce the world to TOMA with a  fresh new look, simplified regime and same uncompromising quality.

Being healthy isn’t just about exercise and eating right, equally important is what you put on your skin and ensuring that the products you use daily aren’t exposing you to toxins, hormone disruptors, and synthetic chemicals.


Inspired by 15 years as licensed acupuncturists and the healing arts, we wanted to take our holistic approach to healing and introduce it into our skincare line. After seeing patients with a variety of health concerns, we realized people often focus on what they put into their bodies but not always on what they put on their bodies. We have developed the most effective, active botanically derived skincare line that is naturally preserved and offers dramatic results. Each product not only treats the skin; it addresses the underlying imbalance and works with your skin’s ability to heal itself.