Total Transparency

We believe that everything in nature has inherent value. Our passion is to deliver nature’s purity, potency and transformative properties through our formulas, without harm. Our products and packaging come from renewable resources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes.

Transparent Ingredient Sources & Practices

Many of our ingredients are wild-harvested–meaning we harvest them from their natural habitat, usually by hand. Consequently, our ingredients are allowed to grow without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or chemicals of any kind.

No Hormone Disruptors

Thyroid irregularities, digestive tract issues, menstrual cycle disturbances, acne, psoriasis rosacea…the list of ailments is as long as the list of hormone disruptors that cause them. TOMA goes beyond the standard “free of” list by promising that our formulas are 100% free of hormone-disrupting ingredients and by-products, including parabens, synthetic fragrances, GMOs and phthalates.

A Cruelty-Free Promise

Vegan, Animal-friendly, Cruelty-free, our pledge is your assurance that we have no products that contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients (i.e. beeswax, lanolin, honey). We also do no animal testing, nor do we work with companies that do.

A Commitment to Fair Labor Practices

Each of our suppliers is vetted by a fair-trade organization. That means that employees and workers along the supply chain, from harvest to your home, are treated fairly, ethically, and using absolutely no child labor. It also includes using responsible production practices.

Planet-Kind Sustainable Packaging

In addition to clean, organic formulas that are good for your skin and the earth, we source our packaging and components for sustainability, recyclability and reuse. We also believe in simplicity in our product offering-which means fewer, better products that lead to less waste.

These are our
Commitments to Total Transparency.

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