How Facial Oils Heal Acne

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We may have heard it all throughout our awkward pimply adolescent years... oil is the enemy and we need to banish it with harsh apricot scrubs and alcohol pads. It turns out drying out acneic skin is a misnomer and the right facial oil blend will actually work to fight bacteria and heal your skin. Facial oils are all over the market, but it's important to understand exactly how they work and how to choose the right one. 

A clean facial oil is great for all skin types, not just if you have acne. We know those with oily skin often avoid extra oil out of fear of clogging pores and creating more breakouts. Let's be clear, the right facial oil will not clog pores and cause acne. It's counterintuitive, we know, but the right facial oil can treat acne better than any harsh drying acid that was pitched to us over the past 30 years.

Newsflash: most topical oils are not the cause of acne. The underlying root of acne often times runs on a deeper, systemic level and is exasperated by hormone disrupting chemicals found in food we eat, the things we put on our skin, and our environment that mess with our endocrine system. 

Fight Fire With Fire

Due to the chemical nature of breakouts, the cellular turnover of acneic skin is five times faster than non-acneic skin. With the overproduction of oil plus skin cells shedding faster than a person can cleanse, the skin becomes congested. 

Using an oil on already oily skin sounds illogical, but a common mistake in acne treatments is to strip the skin of its natural oils or to use “oil-free” cleansers. When you remove the skin of its natural oils, it will compensate for the loss and create even more oil in an effort to rehydrate itself. The excess oil, plus extra dead skin causes clogged, angry pores.

Courtney Buras, Master Esthetician at The Still Point Spa, sees many clients with acne and has seen firsthand the benefits of facial oils. Courtney shares, “Oils help balance out the overproduction of oil because it's lipophilic, so it makes its way into the follicle where oil is present and attracts oil from the pores. Skin is left hydrated but not congested." TOMA's Bioactive Regenerating Oil is infused with natural fruit acids and essential oils to micro-exfoliate and cleanse the pores for overall healthier skin.

The specific oil and source are important

Since lipids are rapidly absorbed by the skin, the chemical properties of the oil and source need to be understood. Some oils are comedogenic (meaning they clog pores), so oils like shea, fractionated coconut oil, and sesame oils should be avoided.

Oils we recommend for acne: 

• Tamanu Oil:  A Polynesian oil that's known for killing bacteria heals current breakouts, prevents future breakouts, and reduces scarring.

• Grapeseed Oil: Contains antimicrobial properties that can treat breakouts by attacking bacteria and clears pores.

• Argan Oil: Regulates sebum production and reduces breakouts. Its high antioxidant concentration removes damaged cells and fosters new cell growth, helping to fade scars.

Healing acne is 90% done at home with a consistent, simple regimen with powerful plant-based formulas. Washing your face twice a day and hydrating with a product like TOMA’s Bioactive Regenerating Oil will turn your skin from greasy to glowing.

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