AcuGlow™ The TOMA Technique

Imagine traveling the meridians of your skin, healing and balancing along the way. This proprietary technique, created by TOMA founders Tori and Marla, is a blend of Chinese medicine and holistic skincare used to treat imbalances that cause skin concerns.

A Culmination of Wisdom

AcuGlow is the culmination of the wisdom, training and expertise of these two founders. They are classically trained acupuncturists, holistic health practitioners who have traveled the globe in search of the most beneficial botanicals and medicinal herbs.

At Home Holistic Treatment

Their wisdom, insight and years of experience is available to you through AcuGlow At Home–a holistic treatment that will train you how to treat your own skin condition by adapting the wisdom of acupuncture and energy flows through your body. Their knowledge is paired with traditional skincare practices like Gua Sha and botanically active skincare to provide this healing, at-home experience for you and your skin.

Your Own Personal Prescription

With easy-to-follow instructions, and your own personal prescription for healing and balance, these protocols are both restorative and relaxing–the perfect at-home ritual for your journey of transformation.

Begin Your Journey

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