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why you absolutely need us

Courses are so great, you can start using immediately, We are so experienced, practitioners but also owned spas for 15 years, blend of alternative medicine and spa, understand retail opportunities, how we are so great and why you need us in your life if you are a professional - write now we are speaking to acupuncturists, estheticians and spa directors/owners. The "why" about learning the content, about us in in section below.

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Meet your instructors

- all of our experience here - why we are qualified to do this, elaborate on paragraph above, get to know us, be sure they absolutley cannot live without tori and marla in their lives. Need to be sure to tie in product - clean and green, wholesale opportunities etc. ,

Question - do we need a new about us page that is just like existing one but is more detailed or can we jam all they need to know about us in here?

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"Tori and Marla are the best thing since sliced bread, I cannot believe how they have made me the woman I am today. "

- Suzie Q

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extras you can buy

50% off wholesale product? , 50%+ off equipment, maybe we tease equipment here, or what about bundles that go with the classes ?

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