About Us

Beauty is a personal journey for us, as it is for you. For us, the journey begins in nature.

Balance & Harmony

As formulators, we wander the globe in search of the most beneficial botanicals, and stop to explore the treasure trove of medicinal herbs native to Asia. As acupuncturists, we travel the meridians of the body, and as holistic health experts, we explore the intricacies of the skin. In all we do, we seek balance and harmony. For us, this is where beauty begins.

Yin & Yang

We are Tori and Marla, the yin and yang of TOMA. We are friends, co-founders, classically trained acupuncturists, and holistic health practitioners who passionately apply our decades of training to the science of the skin.

Your own beauty journey

We created TOMA to bring the tenants of TCM to skincare, to educate on the ingredients and rituals that best support your self care, and to inspire you on your own beauty journey.

Begin Your Journey

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