The AcuGlow™

Increase revenue and see results instantly!

This three-hour NCCAOM-approved course will prepare you to start offering the AcuGlow™ in your practice. Rooted in the traditional Chinese Medicine techniques of Gua Sha and cupping, this proprietary protocol increases microcirculation and collagen production. Immediately lift, tone, and reduce fine lines.

AcuGlow Live Online Course Health & Beauty TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
AcuGlow Live Online Course Health & Beauty TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
AcuGlow Live Online Course Health & Beauty TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
AcuGlow Live Online Course Health & Beauty TOMA Essential Skin Therapy

AcuGlow™ Live Online Course for Acupuncturists

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Friday, February 24, 12pm - 3pm ET (9am - 12pm PT)

Integrate the AcuGlow™ into your practice, diversify your offerings, and make passive income! Includes live online 3-CEU NCCAOM-accredited course and protocols.

Materials and Zoom link will be emailed the day before. 

Date February 24


What You'll Receive

- Proprietary protocols incorporating the tenets of Chinese Medicine rituals with facial gua sha

- Guidance on pricing, intake forms, marketing materials and more to ensure your success

- Affordable professional products

- Ongoing sales training and support

- Generous wholesale and bulk discounts

- NCCAOM certificate of completion and 3 PDAs

proven success

Learn from a trusted source

Tori and Marla have a combined 30 years in the industry and have run wellness spas for over 15 years, blending alternative medicine with traditional spa services. 

They are passionate about helping practitioners increase their income by expanding their offerings and business acumen. They know that a successful acupuncture practice is a combination of technical skill, business management, and marketing, and are excellent mentors to practitioners at any stage in their career.

meet your trainers

Elevate your practice

Micro and Nano-needling Bundle

A complete set for your micro- and nano needling practice. The TOMA Micro+ Pen packs a safe and powerful 18,000 RPMs, offering the best performance in the industry at an attractive price. This bundle includes a comprehensive set of six (6) professional products: Rejuvenating Cleanser, Replenishing Mist, Cooling Cucumber Mask, Boosting Collagen Serum, Phyto Stem Cell Serum, and Peptide Eye Cream, and 5 of each nano- and micro needles.

Requires proof of license, see form below.

50% off for licensed practitioners
$1375 (normally $2750)

improve cellular health

LED Rainbow Light

The energy delivered by our professional-use LED Rainbow Light is transformative! LED light has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen. A must-have tool in your treatment room!

50% off for licensed practitioners
$475 (normally $950), inquire below

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Elise B.

AcuGlow™ Live Online Course for Acupuncturists

Looks Promising

The Micro-Needling looks like it could provide help for people experiencing skin issues. Clinically, it makes sense. It looks promising as an adjunct therapy.

Very Interesting

Micro-Needling looks like a good adjunct therapy when combined with treating the root. It was good to see the techniques live, along with before and after pictures.

Edna B.
You really needed a tech person

Useful course. It would have flowed better with a tech person.
1. You interrupted yourself at the beginning when people couldn't get in
2. During the long early section showing the needling tool, you were not on full screen and then had to repeat yourself
3. Most of the section where you were intending to show the website only showed a google page and you didn’t realize that, so again you had to repeat

A tech person would have handled these issues immediately and without you having to interrupt yourselves or repeat material.

While we’d love to have a tech person, we’re a small business passionate about teaching other acupuncturists how to expand their offerings. We definitely know we have some kinks to work out and appreciate your feedback, and will keep it in mind as we continue to grow.

looking forward to putting your process into practice!!

Sounds like you have done your research! Interesting webinar with good information.Excited to learn more & put this into practice.