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TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
TOMA Essential Skin Therapy
TOMA Essential Skin Therapy

Discover the power of TOMA'S Sculpting Facial Kit

Healthier Skin

Reduce Wrinkles

Boost Collagen


  1. Apply TOMA's Sculpting Treatment Oil
  2. Scrape Your Neck In Upward Strokes
  3. Scrape Your Jawline to Your Forehead

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"I've always struggled with acne and I was skeptical about using oil on my face. But after a few weeks of using the sculpting oil and gua sha-ing twice a day my complexion and scarring have improved. My skin looks and feels amazing! Thanks TOMA!"

"I never realized how dry and clogged my skins was until I found TOMA's sculpting oil. Plus, the gua sha tool changed my life and now I can't go a day without using it!"

" I just reordered the facial sculpting oil for the third time and there's no product like it! I've read about gua sha and I am so excited that it gets paired with my favorite TOMA product. It's an amazing pair that I can't wait to use."

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