Bioadaptive Ingredients

Our skin is intuitive, far more intelligent than anything we put on it. Our skin chemistry is elegant yet simple–it’s wired to survive. TOMA, offers supportive skincare that gives our skin the extra nourishment if often needs to help it thrive. This is bioadaptive skincare.

Ancient Alchemy

We start with high quality, organic and wild harvested botanical oils, butters, hydrosols and extracts. Then we infuse traditional Chinese herbs to deliver therapeutic, skin-balancing benefits to work their ancient alchemy.

Clean, Organic
& Wild

It sounds exotic, but in truth, it’s just what our bodies want and deserve. Ingredients that are safe and clean. No toxins, no hormone-disrupting preservatives. Sustainably sourced organic materials, without chemicals. And wild–harvested ingredients collected by hand from their natural habitats, a practice we learned from our TCM teachers.


They help encourage collagen production, help keep skin strong, protect against photo damage, suppress acne and maintain and repair skin tissue. These are the skin’s mega vitamins, A, C (ascorbic acid) and E–used generously in TOMA formulas.

Natural minerals like copper and zinc are added to help promote elastin growth, maintain collagen and firm and smooth skin.

You’ll also discover nutrients like alpha lipoic acid, hyaluronic acid and the beautiful essential fatty acids found in wild-harvested botanical oils like tamanu and shea butter to help soften, hydrate tone and soothe skin. All of these nutrients are easily absorbed by the skin, helping to restore balance and harmony.


Qi is the vital energy and is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine.

Our goal at TOMA is to restore skin’s qi using potent Chinese herbs in our formulas. Bai Liu She Pi was often used by the ancients as an antibacterial cleanser. We use its healing properties in our cleansers. Jin Zhan Ju and Mei Gui Hua are used to protect against free radical damage and calm reactionary skin. And Luei Gong Gen, known as the herb of longevity, is used to accelerate cellular turnover.

With lightweight textures and just a hint of organic aroma, our formulas are designed to adapt and bring skin back into harmony. This is what’s possible when the wisdom of nature expresses its genius through the science of skin.

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