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Why Obsidian Gua Sha Tools Should Be Your First Choice

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Gua sha tools come in all shapes and forms. The ancient Chinese made the first gua sha tools out of bian stone (limestone), jade, and bison horn. Today, we highly recommend using stone on your body for their smoothness, heaviness, and natural healing properties. 


Combined with the right crystal gua sha scraping has many benefits

Now you’ll find jade and rose quartz gua sha tools flooding the market. Those tools are beautiful, but if you get down with crystal healing, black obsidian is our choice for its physical and energetic benefits. 

While jade and rose quartz have their own healing qualities, obsidian has the power to draw out negative energy and stress from our bodies. We know the dangers of stress on the body, but it also shows up on our face where it causes premature aging, uneven texture, dark circles, and acne flare-ups. 

Obsidian makes the perfect gua sha tool for your skincare regimen.

What is Obsidian

Obsidian Gua Sha Tools


Ok, bear with us as we embrace our nerdy geology and history side. Obsidian is a glassy black rock formed from molten lava. The smooth yet strangely sharp stone was used for centuries to make tools and jewelry.

Obsidian tool manufacturing and trade date back to the stone age. Archeologists continue to discover and match obsidian tools in Asia and Europe to obsidian outcrops in the Americas.  Today obsidian is still widely cultivated and used in modern surgical instruments. Fine pieces of obsidian glass are occasionally added to surgical steel for precision cutting. 

Obsidian Gua Sha Tools

In many cultures obsidian is not just for cutting. It's widely formed into jewelry and medical instruments (like gua sha tools) for its strong energetic and healing properties.

The Spiritual Uses of Obsidian Tools

Ancient mystics and priests revered obsidian glass for its shiny surface. Obsidian was carved and polished into reflective discs for scrying. Scrying is one of the first forms of divination for clairvoyance. People would stare into a reflective surface to seek visions and knowledge about their future. 

Obsidian Gua Sha Tools

Though most people envision scrying as staring into a crystal ball to see their future, scrying is much more. Scrying is about unveiling our unconsciousness through our intuitions. People still use obsidian discs in meditation to help them tap into their unconsciousness, to expose their ego’s motivations, and to manifest strength. 

 The Energetic Properties of Obsidian Gua Sha Tools

We’re firm believers in crystal healing, which is why we choose to carve TOMA’s Gua Sha Tool out of obsidian.

According to crystal healing, black obsidian stone cleanses negative energy from our bodies, minds, and spirit. By drawing out the negative fog, we can gain clarity and insight into our overall wellness. 

Wearing or using obsidian tools on our bodies can draw out negativity like anger, stress, and resentment that we accumulate daily. Obsidian is directly tied to our root chakra, thus using obsidian can make us feel more grounded when life turns into a storm. 

Wearing obsidian also has the fantastic ability to shield us from absorbing more negative energy from our environment. The stones sharp edges help us cut ties to negative emotions and links to toxic relationships.  

The Healing Properties of Obsidian Gua Sha Tools

Black obsidian is used to draw out negative energy in the body.

Gua sha tools made out of obsidian are used by healers to release negative patterns and behaviors like drug addictions, eating disorders, and trichotillomania. The tools can also help release traumas that prevent us from positive mental health. 

Overall, obsidian removes energetic blockages and protects us from the harmful effects of negative energy. Gua sha scraping with an obsidian tool can promote health much deeper than wrinkles and acne.

Obsidian promotes holistic healing and can further protect us when life turns into a hurricane.  

After a stressful day, everyone can benefit from a little less negative energy and a bit of gua sha and self-care, what do you think?

If your not quite sure how to gua sha, read our guide on how to gua sha at home!

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